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Set Forwarding Address

Forward all messages to another e-mail address

How to make sure your e-mails get forwarded properly

The University only controls @alumni.uOttawa.ca e-mail accounts. Therefore, forwarding e-mail from an @alumni.uOttawa.ca address to a personal account could result in messages not being received. The following measures will reduce the risk of uOttawa e-mails being rejected by your e-mail provider:

  • Make sure your forwarding address is an account that you check regularly.
  • To fully protect your privacy, avoid forwarding your uOttawa e-mail to a shared account.
  • Ensure that your mailbox is always below capacity.
  • Keep a close watch over the security level of your personal e-mail account to ensure that your uOttawa e-mails don’t get into your junk mail folder.

Last updated: 2015.11.26

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