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Set Webmail Vacation Message

These features are only for Webmail users.

If you expect to be absent for a few days or more, you can set an auto-response message which will be sent out in response to every message you receive while you are away (except those deemed as spam by the spam filtering system). This feature is especially useful while you are on vacation. Your vacation auto-response message could be something like:


Votre message m'est bien parvenu. Toutefois, je ne pourrai vous répondre qu'à  mon retour de vacances le [date de retour]. S'il s'agit d'une urgence, veuillez communiquer avec [N...] à   [xxxx\@uottawa.ca] ou au 562-5800, poste [xxxx].


Thank you for your message. I will not, however, be able to respond to you immediately since I will be on vacation until [return date]. In case of emergency, please contact [N . . .] at xxxx\@uottawa.ca or at 562-5800, extension xxxx.

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Last updated: 2018.01.09

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